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College Hall A & B Renovation and Relocation Project

Schedule: Phase 1 return to College Hall_Phase 2 move to PB21

Project Overview

  • Repair cracks in concrete floor of Room 11.
  • Repair rain gutters and downspouts.
  • Remove and replace floor tile in the office wing and labs (asbestos containing materials)
  • Reconfigure Rooms 9, 9A, 8 and 8E to provide an additional 10 seat conference room. Net office count to remain the same.
  • Renovate the restrooms.
  • Provide additional electrical capacity in the labs.
  • Remove and replace termite damaged doors.
  • Replace/repair the exterior windows in rooms 8B, 8C, 8D, 9B, 9C, 9D, 10A and 10B to provide lighting control and accommodate air conditioning.
  • Incorporate the donated memorial kiosk into the courtyard. (Construction of the kiosk to be donated.)
  • Repaint the building exterior and trim trees in courtyard.

Print out copy of Scope of Work

Project to be done in two phases:

PHASE 1 (Spring 2011): The east wing of College Hall A with Rooms 5 (Math Lab), 6 and 7 (Classrooms), 8-8D, 9-9D, and 10-10D (Offices) will be renovated in one phase lasting approximately 10 weeks. Relocations to PB20, PB21, and PB22 to accommodate faculty, staff, the Math Lab, and the Math classroom will last for the Spring 2011 semester. The move occurred over the 2010 Winter Break and renovation began the first of January 2011.

Schedule: Phase 1 return to College Hall_Phase 2 move to PB21

PHASE 2 (Summer 2011): The north wing of College Hall A with Rooms 4A-4D, 3A-3D, 2A-2D (Offices), and 1-1G (CCECS), and College Hall B with Labs and Offices 11-13 will be renovated in one phase lasting approximately 4 - 6 weeks. Relocation of CCECS will be to a leased building named Maluhia Place located at 891 Ululani in Hilo. CCECS staff are scheduled to be moved to Maluhia Place later this spring. Faculty and staff from departments other than CCECS will be moved to PB21. The move will occur just after the end of the Spring 2011 semester with staff moving back to College Hall sometime the first or second week of July 2011.

Questions regarding renovation specs, construction, and contractor issues need to be addressed to Ted LeJeune, extension 47595. Questions regarding relocation schedule and issues need to be addressed to Debi Brockman, extension 47750. FAQS regarding packing, moving, and backing up hard drives are listed on this site's sidebar. Work order information for acquiring boxes and labels, moving boxes to storage, and issues regarding office PC's is listed below:

Important Information - College Hall Staff & Math Lab Relocation into Portable Buildings

  • Work orders to Auxiliary Services must be input to order boxes and move items
    • You must label boxes with your name, current office location, and office location to where the boxes are to go. It is wise to give each box a number and date and keep a log of what is in each respective box (NOTE: Labels are obtained from Debi Brockman, extension 47750.)
    • Ensure you specify the number of boxes and/or items to be moved
    • For more information, read the Packing and Moving Information document
  • Moving of computers, printers, and small peripheral technology items connected to your computer will be scheduled by Administration both phases of this project. However, if you have special computer equipment that needs to be disconnected and reconnected by OTDL IT Specialists, you'll need to fill out an OTDL work/troubleshooting request, as well as a work order to Auxiliary Services for the move.
  • Please do not donate any material to the Mo'okini Library without first contacting Acquisitions.
    • The Library cannot use old textbooks, magazines/periodicals
    • The Library may consider fiction/non-fiction
    • Never drop off material on the Library's loading dock.
  • The East Hawaii Cultural Center does accept donations of textbooks and books
    • 141 Kalakaua Street, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM