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Hale Aloha, CCECS & Various Research Units Relocation Project

Questions regarding relocation schedules and issues need to be addressed to Debi Brockman, extension 47750. FAQS regarding packing, moving, and backing up hard drives are listed on this site's sidebar. Work order information for acquiring boxes and labels, moving boxes to storage, and issues regarding office PC's is listed below:

  • Work orders to Auxiliary Services must be input to order boxes and move items to Storage
    • You must label boxes with your name, building and room number of your new office, if known. It is wise to give each box a number and date and keep a log of what is in each respective box (NOTE: Labels are obtained from Debi Brockman, extension 47750.)
    • Ensure you specify the number of boxes and/or items to be moved
    • For more information, read the Packing and Moving Information document
  • An independent moving company will move boxes, items, and office furnishings. You will be notified as soon as the timeline and location for your new offices are identified.
  • Please do not donate any material to the Mo'okini Library without first contacting Acquisitions.
    • The Library cannot use old textbooks, magazines/periodicals
    • The Library may consider fiction/non-fiction
    • Never drop off material on the Library's loading dock.
  • The East Hawaii Cultural Center does accept donations of textbooks and books
    • 141 Kalakaua Street, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Programs Moving from Hale Aloha to New Locations

Office of Facilities, Planning and Construction to Hilo Lagoon (101 Aupuni Street, Hilo), Moved Winter 2010

Conference Center to 891 Ululani, Hilo, Move Spring 2011

Pacific Aquaculture Coastal Research Center/PIPES to 891 Ululani, Hilo, Move Spring 2011

UH Hilo Art Program to HawCC Manono Campus Building #389 Move Summer of 2011

UH Hilo Radio Station to Campus Center 308, Move Spring 2011

Upward Bound to College Hall A, #1 (where CCECS currently located), Move Summer 2011

Programs Moving from UH Hilo

CCECS moving to 891 Ululani, Hilo, Move Spring 2011

Specific Researchers moving to 891 Ululani, Hilo, Move Spring 2011