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UH Hilo Recycling Program

UH Hilo Recycling Program Memo (2/16/11)

UH Hilo follows Hawaiʻi County guidelines regarding HI-5 redemption, mixed recycling and rubbish removal.  Hawaiʻi County Recycling link:

Recycling Instructions for HI-5 Containers

  • Blue bins located inside of buildings are for HI-5 cans and bottles
  • Wire bins located outside of buildings are for HI-5 cans and bottles
  • Student clubs on campus empty and clean these bins, and use the cans and bottles for fund raising projects.

Recycling Instructions for Mixed Recycling

  • Cans located inside offices are for Mixed Recycling.
  • Mixed recycling consists of “all paper (No Brites), shredded paper, box board (cereal, tea, snack food boxes, etc.), cardboard and brown paper bags (flattened), newspapers, magazines, phonebooks, paperback books, plastics (#1, #2, & #5), rinsed metal cans, and plastic bags (#2 or #4).”
  • No wax-coated boxes or paper, No food or oil contaminated materials, No Styrofoam Please.

Instructions for Trash not Recycled by UH Hilo

  • Plastic lined trash cans located OUTSIDE offices in hallways, classrooms, and building exteriors are for items not recycled by UH Hilo.
  • Examples of this type of trash is food waste, styrofoam, bubble wrap, non HI-5 glass containers, plastic binders, metal, etc. Refer to Hawaii County site for more information: It is recommended that you take non HI-5 glass containers to the County transfer station nearest your home.
  • Trash cans located in restrooms are also to be used for non-recycled trash, as restroom paper is not considered Mixed Recycling.

Instructions for Dumpsters on Campus

  • Pink dumpsters are for the Mixed Recycling items.
  • Brown dumpsters are for other rubbish items.

More Information

We appreciate your participation in helping UH Hilo become a leader in environmentally friendly practices. Please refer to the UH Hilo Recycling Program webpage for more information:

Recycling Memo (reissued 2/16/11)

Mixed Recycling Flyer, pictorial for posting

Mixed Recycling Flyer, scripted